We’re transforming liquid stream safety and sustainability.

Bioionix’s patented technology represents a major advancement in liquid stream treatment, overcoming complex liquid treatment challenges that conventional methods like ultraviolet radiation, filtration and harsh chemical additives simply cannot solve.

Nearly ten years of intensive research and experimentation in the making, Bioionix systems operate without chemicals or moving parts—destroying bacteria and other contaminants by creating powerful, long-lasting disinfecting SuperOxidants™ from the liquid itself. 

Since 2005, our custom solutions have helped organizations across a wide range of industries—including some of the world’s leading food processors and manufacturers—achieve more efficient operations and a healthier world through applied science, continual innovation and unmatched service. And we’re just getting started.


From scientists and engineers to smart, responsive customer service professionals—Bioionix offers exciting opportunities in the Midwest’s most livable city.

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