Better Brine Disinfection for the Food Industry

Because Nobody Wants to Test Positive™

Bioionix manufactures a breakthrough disinfection process for food processing liquids that eliminates chemical disinfectant purchases.

The system’s patented catalytic method produces a powerful combination of hypochlorous and reactive oxygen species from the liquid itself.

The process is designed to 3-A sanitation standards using FDA approved materials and is USDA accepted. 



We start with a thorough assessment of your process, site and application needs.



We’ll create and install a system customized to your application. Unique, every time.



We’ll minimize downtime and set operating budgets with responsive service and scheduled inspections.

Our Process

We’re helping the world’s leading companies operate safely and sustainably.

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Meat Chiller Brine Disinfection

From brine chillers to pre-slicing sprays to pre-packaged washing, Bioionix has a multitude of solutions to fit your liquid treatment needs.

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