Breakthrough science starts in our reactor.

As liquid flows through the Bioionix reactor, high-performance catalytic electrodes oxidize the solution to selectively separate out key compounds, creating extremely reactive oxygen and chlorine based disinfectants from the water itself. Hydrogen peroxide, chlorine, and oxygen then go to work as the hydroxyl radical—one of the world’s most powerful oxidant—flashes through the liquid stream in a nanosecond. At the same time, hypochlorous acid forms creating an extremely effective residual disinfectant that halts cellular metabolism. This combination of safe and powerful Bioionix SuperOxidants™ provides quick destruction of bacteria and other pathogens, while providing lasting disinfection through the stream.


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Each system is integrated into your facility’s existing equipment, or installed as a stand-alone system. And our advanced automated control system monitors flow rates, power delivery and other parameters, providing reliable, round-the-clock performance while minimizing energy use.

The result is a rugged, reliable disinfection system with many potential applications across a wide variety of industries and applications within.

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