Custom Installations

Disinfection is in the details.

There is no base model for a Bioionix system. Whether you need a turnkey solution or an OEM module that’s easily integrated into your existing operations, each solution we create is a unique build tooled to a specific industry, operation and purpose. The possibilities are endless.

Food processing and safety. Water reuse. Sea and fracture water disinfection. Wastewater treatment. Environmental remediation. Each of these applications has its own, unique challenges and regulatory demands—and Bioionix’s technology has the scalability to address them all.

Our systems help industrial water users stay ahead of changing safety standards and regulations. They meet 3A sanitation standards and are Clean-In-Place compliant.

Moreover, we have Letters of No Objection from the United States Department of Agriculture, as well as the Wisconsin Dairy Association, giving you the assurance that your system will meet strict safety standards.

It all starts with an onsite assessment of your operation’s liquid stream processes and needs. We’ll evaluate everything—from existing equipment to your stream’s volume, temperature, organic load and chloride levels—in order to engineer the most effective and efficient solution for you

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