It’s the answer to using your resources better, using less and using again.

At Bioionix, we know how important clean, reliable liquid treatment can be. That’s why we keep innovating— developing green, chemical-free liquid stream solutions for companies, municipalities and leading manufacturers. We’re committed to helping organizations prevent illness, extend the life of limited resources and create safer, more efficient processes without compromising the quality of their products. 

Bioionix systems are safe, environmentally friendly and chemical free.

We’re solving serious food safety disinfection challenges without the use of hazardous chemicals or radiation. Unlike chlorine and ozone, our technology doesn’t produce dangerous gases, byproducts or carcinogens. And there are no hazardous materials to handle, as with ultraviolet radiation. No ballast ground faults or tube sleeve wipers to maintain, either.

Bioionix wants to be recognized as a forward-thinking leader in advanced food safety. That’s why we re-thought everything: equipment, liquids, how they impact the environment, and what all of that means to our future. That’s why we believe the days of dumping your brine or other waste down the drain is over. So are hazardous chemicals, ultraviolet radiation, byproducts and carcinogens. Integrating the safer Bioionix way is not just the right thing to do. It’s the smart thing to do. 

Simple, high-quality design makes our technology easy to operate and maintain.

No complicated moving parts, no dosing pumps, no costly shutdowns or man-hours spent closely monitoring the equipment. Every low-voltage Bioionix system is built to work and built to last, with high-performance catalysts that deliver durable, energy-efficient oxidations. With automated systems, we make it easy to “set and forget” our installations.

Our oxidation process can handle the toughest liquid stream challenges.

In our reactor, opaque liquids with high organic loads are disinfected with ease. Unlike UV radiation and traditional hypochlorite generators, our technology can directly treat turbid and colored liquid streams with suspended and dissolved solids. During oxidization, fats and proteins flocculate to the surface where operators can skim off the solids to reduce filtration system wear and tear. We even eliminate biofilms, which will substantially increase the life of your membrane systems.

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