Nothing’s more efficient than a liquid stream that disinfects itself.

Bioionix delivers powerful oxidation from the inside, without dangerous chemicals or radiation.

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It’s an entirely new method for disinfecting the most challenging liquid streams. After nearly a decade of intensive research and development, Bioionix’s patented electrochemical systems are changing the way large-scale water users clean and recirculate liquid streams.

The process creates oxidizing disinfectants from water itself, using a low voltage electrical field and high-performance catalytic plates to completely penetrate liquid streams, no matter the opacity or organic load. The purifying oxidants produced provide immediate and long-lasting disinfection, eliminating suspended pathogens and biofilms in seconds. All without chemicals, UV radiation or expensive filtration systems. 

Add an automated control system that monitors and regulates the entire process, and Bioionix systems deliver rugged, environmentally-friendly solutions that will increase efficiency and significantly lower risk.

Get one-size-fits-one engineering

Our engineers will design a fully-integrated solution—from size and catalysts to filtration and flow rate—based on your liquid stream’s volume, temperature, organic load and sodium chloride levels, as well as any existing equipment. 

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Our latest innovations are unmatched

Fast, Versatile Disinfection

Create powerful oxygen- and chlorine-based disinfectants with instant and lasting cleansing power—even in cloudy, thick or colored liquid streams, with suspended contaminates or dissolved solids.

Safer, Greener Solutions

It’s an energy-efficient, chemical-free process. There are no hazardous chemicals to store or handle, and workers don’t have to risk exposure to radiation or carcinogenic byproducts. 

Simple, Rugged Design

Eliminate downtime, increase production and reduce labor – without any moving parts, consumable chemicals, or dosing pump maintenance. Invest in a robust solution that’s safe and fully automated.  


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