Poultry Interventions

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In raw poultry processing the whole bird passes through a main chiller step to lower the internal temperature of the meat and inhibit bacterial growth. After this main chill stage, many of the birds continue on to further processing steps where the bird is sectioned into parts and packaged uncooked.

Meanwhile, egg processors have to provide their customers with a variety of products including pre-pealed hardboiled eggs. This process is fully automated, all the way from the cooking stage, through the pealers and into the package. This eliminates as much human contact as possible.

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In the past decade there has been a growing concern with the microbial levels (particularily Salmonella) found in raw poultry products on the store shelf. Processors are continuing to try and find that "silver bullet" to eliminate all bacteria from the raw bird after eviseration by treating it in the main chiller. Bacteria that is trapped in the flaps of skin and all the other nooks and crannies is protected from this anti-microbial step and then released down stream in the further processing. Proper cooking of the product will eliminate this harmful bacteria but that is not a good enough solution.

For the egg processors, the pealing stage of a harboiled egg is not perfect and many times breaks the egg. A manual operation separates these two products and the egg pieces are diverted and typically resold to the farmers as animal feed.

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Bioionix has developed interventions to fit into the customer's existing footprint allowing them to pass the sectioned off parts and pieces through and provide them with an additional antimicrobial step prior to raw packaging. This eco-friendly solution can be recirculated to re-use as much water as possible or discharge directly to the drain.

The egg processors use the Bioionix interventions to pass the broken egg parts through and convert this low grade animal feed product to a high grade product suitable for human consumption.

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