Industrial Liquid Streams

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Water is quickly becoming one of the Earth's most precious resources. Operations all over the world both large and small are using water and then wasting it by the millions of gallons every day. This water is sometimes treated on-site and others discharge it to a municipal waste water treatment plant.

Other industries use large volumes of water, i.e. oil fracking water, to pump back into the ground and draw out their product.

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These large water consumers continue to run into more stringent regulations every day. PPCP (Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products), EDC's (endocrine-disrupting compounds), high chlorides and more continue to cause you issues on how to dispose of your effluent efficiently. 

Other operations experience difficulty with their liquid streams due to algae fouling or biofilm contamination. All of these issues may cause you to use even more water due to the old mind set that "dilution is the solution", we must start to change our ways.

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Bioionix has commercial solutions for both sanitary and non-sanitary needs while being able to treat the extremely high flow rates that your operation is using. Many times the treated liquid stream can be reused back in the operation somewhere or eliminate a discharge stream all together.

The result is an automated, eco-friendly solution which brings value back to your process.

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