Unrivaled technology and a pioneering spirit make BioIonix a smart investment.

Bioionix is a growth company dedicated to creating and innovating liquid stream treatment technologies. Our proprietary, highly-scalable solutions—employed across an increasing range of applications and industries—help organizations around the globe operate efficiently while meet the highest standards of safety and sustainability. 

In a marketplace challenged by water shortages and increased regulations, we are changing the status quo in industrial water use and liquid stream disinfection—and expanding our opportunities with every new innovation. In fact, our annual sales are projected to top $100 million within the next five years. 

A privately-held company, Bioionix is located in Madison, Wisconsin, a center of life science research and biotechnology described as a “hotbed of biocapitalism” by Forbes Magazine. We welcome inquiries by accredited investors and investment funds interested in our potential. 

To request investor information or learn more about our company’s mission, operations and financial performance, contact Pete Marsnik, today.