Breakthrough science starts in our reactor.

As liquid flows through the Bioionix reactor, high-performance catalytic plates produce our proprietary electrochemical solution. The fluid is energized with electricity and millions of molecules split, creating extremely reactive oxygen- and chlorine-based disinfectants from the water itself. Hydrogen peroxide, chlorine dioxide and oxygen then go to work as hydroxyl radical—the world’s most powerful oxidant—flashes through the liquid stream in a nanosecond. At the same time, salts in the liquid generate hypochlorous acid, an extremely effective residual disinfectant that halts cellular metabolism. The combination of these safe and powerful Bioionix SuperOxidants™ quickly destroys bacteria and other pathogens, while providing lasting disinfection through the stream.


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Each system is integrated into your facility’s existing equipment, or installed as a stand-alone system. And our advanced automated control system monitors flow rates, power delivery and other parameters, providing reliable, round-the-clock performance while minimizing energy use.

The result is a rugged, reliable disinfection system with many potential applications across a wide variety of industries and applications within.

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